Top 6 Summer Beauty Must Haves!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

With summer here, these are the beauty products I use practically everyday!

1. Cetaphil  DermaControl Moisturizer- I know the picture says foam wash, but I couldn't find one of the moisturizer. The bottle looks exactly the same though! I love this moisturizer especially for summer! It has SPF 30 in it, which is a good amount to have in a moisturizer. Since this is an oil control product, it took some getting used to, but I love it. It's light weight, doesn't clog my pores and great for acne prone skin! I highly recommend it!

2. Garnier Fructis anti-frizz serum- This is the reason my hair isn't frizzy in the summer! I use this all year round, but I especially love it for my hair when it's hot out. I put 1/2 - 1 pump of this in my hair after I shower and comb through it and my hair is good to go! This doesn't weigh my natural waves down and it makes my hair very soft all while taming frizz! I little bit goes a long way with this product. The bottle I have now has lasted me almost a year! Make sure you don't put it on your roots or your hair might appear greasy. Definitely pick this up if you're looking for a quick, easy fix for frizz! 

3. Maybelline falsies mascara in black waterproof- They're not lying when they say waterproof! Some waterproof mascaras still tend to run, but I've gone under water in the pool with this stuff on and it doesn't budge one bit! This is perfect if you're looking for a mascara to lengthen your lashes and last all day. It's not difficult to remove at night, just a little cold cream and it's all off!

4. Maybelline Baby Lips- I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I use these more so in the summer because they're light weight and have SPF in them! There are so many versions of these now, you can find so many colors! The tint in them is nice for the summer and it leaves your lips moisturized and soft! I noticed a big difference after just a few applications throughout the day! 

5. Sunscreen- This may seem like a no brainer, but for me I don't tan at all. I have to burn before it turns into a tan. I make sure to apply sunscreen when I'm outside for long periods of time because honestly, I'd rather be pale and have healthy skin then get burned and eventually tan. Keep your skin healthy!

6. Cetaphil Cleansing Wipes- I've tried Neutrogena make-up remover wipes, but those left my skin red and with a gross residue feeling. I love how these make my skin feel refreshed, soft and clean after I use them. I use these at night to remove make-up, but they're also great to through in my bag if I'm going to an amusement park and need to reapply sunscreen and I want to quickly clean off my face first. If you have sensitive skin, these are a must have for you! 

I hope you try some of these products and end up loving them as much as I do!

How I style patterned leggings!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Let's face it, practically every teenage girl owns at least one pair of black leggings. They have become a staple piece for most teen girls whether you're wearing them to class, the gym or as pajamas. Sometimes plain black can get a little boring…that's where patterns come in to play! At first I wasn't a huge fan of patterned leggings, but lately I've been liking them more and more! I think it's a fun way to add a twist to a basic piece of clothing, plus they're SO comfy, it's hard to resist buying a pair.

When picking out a patterned pair of leggings remember: 
If you have a small bone structure, a smaller pattern will look best on you and if you have a larger bone structure, a larger pattern will be most flattering on you.

I recently bought a pair of patterned leggings from American Eagle. You can purchase them here, along with other patterns too! Leggings 

I paired my leggings with a white crochet tunic from Aeropostale and a blue floral necklace from JCPenney. I chose this tunic to wear with my leggings because it's a solid color and it covered my butt. I'm one of those people who thinks, if you wear leggings as pants, your top should ALWAYS cover your butt! It's best to stick with a solid colored top when you're deciding what to wear with patterned leggings. Wearing something other than a solid color can be too overwhelming. The key is to accessorize! 
Using Polyvore I created three outfits I would put together using patterned leggings!

Now it's time to get shopping and find the perfect outfit to go along with your patterned leggings!


Make a statement this summer! OOTD

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This is my outfit I wore today! Although it's hard to tell, my shirt is actually a crop top! I'm really loving the high waisted skirt/shorts and crop top trend for this summer. I think it's a great way to help keep cool on those SUPER hot summer days without being to revealing. Plus, who doesn't want to show off those abs you've been working for all winter?! 

Another part of my outfit I really like is my statement necklace. These have been HUGE this past year. A statement necklace is a perfect way to add a pop of color or an extra special touch to your outfit. They can help dress up an outfit and pull it together perfectly. What's great about statement necklaces is the fact that they work for every season! In the winter you can wear one under a collard shirt or with a plain sweater. In the summer you can use one to dress up a plain tank or layer on top of your favorite summer dress! You can find cute and affordable statement necklaces at Target, Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe. 

My top is from Forever 21 and my skirt and necklace is from Charlotte Russe. 

How to Wear Bold Lipsticks!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Over the last year, bold lipstick colors have become very popular! I thought I'd share with you 3 different shades and how I wear them!
Quick Tip: before I applied the lipstick I put on Maybelline's Baby Lips lip balm in clear to add additional moisture and smoothness to my lips.

The key to wearing any bold lip color means keeping your eye make-up simple. I think this is great if you're looking for a bold color to wear in the spring/summer time.   
I used my Almay smokey eye kit with my bright pink lipstick to achieve this look. 

I started with a nude base all over my lid, crease and brow bone. Then I went in with the darkest shade in the Almay palette and smudged it into my upper lash line and outer corner. It's a little hard to tell, but I added some of the  medium gray color in my crease. Last for the eye shadow I used the lightest color on my brow bone and inner corners of my eyes. Using a white/cream  shadow with a little bit of shimmer in your inner corners is a great trick to open up your eyes and make yourself look more awake! 
To finish off my eye makeup I applied a coat of L'Oreal lash out butterfly mascara. This stuff is fantastic for achieving long lashes with no clumps, I highly recommend it! To top it all off I applied Maybelline's Fuchsia Fever lipstick. Here's my completed look! 


Red is a classic lip color that can be worn anytime of the year! A great tip for finding the right shade is if you have pale skin or pinkish/cool undertones like I do, find a blue based red lipstick, sounds crazy right?! This means your lipstick will have cool undertones and might not be as vibrant. If you have warm/yellowish undertones (these people are usually tanner…think Selena Gomez) then you should use an orange based red lipstick. This lip stick will be more brighter and be more orangey red.  
To create this look I used my Urban Decay Naked Basic Palette, Maybelline line stiletto liquid eyeliner in brown/black and the same L'Oreal mascara that I previously used. 

I started by taking the shadow, W.O.S and applying it all over my lip, crease and brow bone. Then I went in with Naked 2 and put that on my outer corner and into my crease. Next I applied Venus on my brow bone and inner corner as my highlight. Make sure you use your highlight color to blend out your crease shadow, you don't want harsh lines! Then I applied a thin line of my liquid eyeliner to my upper lash line, winging it out at the end. After that I went over my eyeliner with the Faint shadow. This softens the liner and lightens it up. I worked this same color into my outer corner and a little bit in the crease. Then I applied my mascara. Lastly, I finished my look with my Maybelline On Fire Red lipstick! 

This color is really dark and normally I wouldn't choose it for myself, but I had it left over from dance competitions so I experimented with it this past fall and winter time and I ended up really liking it! This makes a perfect dark berry fall/winter color! 
To create this look I used my E.L.F little black book palette, Covergirl's Everlasting Immortalite lipstick and the same L'Oreal mascara. 

I started off by applying W.O.S from my Urban Decay palette all over my lid, crease and brow bone (you can use any nude eye shadow for a base). Then I applied the light/medium brown shadow all over my lid and crease. It's the shadow in the top right corner on the left side of the palette. This shadow has a little bit of shimmer in it which I really like! Then on my brow bone and inner corner I applied the shimmery champagne color. It's the shadow in the top left corner of the palette on the right side. I finished my eye make-up by applying one coat of mascara. I kept this eye look SUPER simple because the lip color is so intense. To apply this lipstick I dabbed it on my lips instead of swiping it on. This helped me get a muted version of the color. You can build up this lipstick to make it however dark you like. 

Outfit of the Day!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Here is my outfit from today!

My black knit jeggings are from Selena Gomez's clothing line, Dream Out Loud, my white knit top is from Aeropostale, my jean jacket is a hand me down from my sister, but it was purchased from Aeropostale, my scarf is from a street vendor in Paris and my sequin sneakers are from!  
It was a little cooler today than it has been the past week, but it was nice! I didn't have any big plans today so I kept my outfit simple and comfy. A jean jacket is a great item to have in your closet because it goes with almost anything AND it is perfect for layering in the spring and fall! I think a scarf is a great way to pull a basic outfit together. By adding a scarf, it makes it look like you put a lot more effort into your outfit than you really did, it's a great trick for those lazy days! 
P.S- Don't mind my awkward hand in the top photo…haha! 

Prom 2014!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Spring time is here, which means it's that time of year again….PROM AND BALL SEASON! I know I'm not the only one out there who spends the remainder of the weekend looking through friend's prom pictures on Facebook. Everyone puts so much effort into that one special night, everyone ends up looking beautiful! Plus, what girl wouldn't love to get her hair done, dress up all fancy and have an amazing night with friends?!  Here are some pictures of what I wore to my senior ball last year.
To clarify: for my senior ball at my school most people wore short dress and for our prom which was junior year most people wore long dresses as well as myself. Senior ball and prom are basically the same thing, I just used pictures from ball because they are better quality than my prom pictures.

I wore a hot pink dress which included, a one shoulder strap, corseted back and a bubble skirt. My dress featured rhinestones in all different sizes on the top half and strap. I ordered my dress online, my shoes and all my jewelry are from JCPenney and the flower in my hair is from icing. Even though this dress was such a pain in the butt to get in and out of I really loved it!
This particular silhouette of dress would look best on our lovely triangle and pear shaped ladies. Now I know you're thinking, wait, how can this look good on both body types since they're complete opposite? Just wait, this makes sense!

For our triangle ladies:
The bubbling of the skirt makes it more full and it will help even out someone's body if they have broader shoulders or are wider on top. With this skirt you are drawing attention away from your top half. This allows you to achieve a more balanced look.

For our pear ladies:
This style works if you would like to make your lower half appear slimmer. The fullness of the skirt helps to mask your lower half. Since this skirt doesn't hug your curves people won't know how much your body fills out the skirt. This can trick people into thinking your lower half is slimmer than it really is! Isn't it wonderful how clothes can do that?!

The Jean Jacket

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