I Put My Little Black Dress On

Thursday, February 20, 2014

    Like Sara Bareilles sings "I put my little black dress on"...corny, I know, but I'm obsessed with that song right now! This was my outfit I wore today! 
    I think skater dresses are perfect for any weather! They're comfy, come in practically any color and make a great item for layering. You can wear them in the summer time by themselves or layer a sweater and scarf over them for winter time....there's endless possibilities! Since I'm wearing a black skater dress with a black cropped sweater I used my tights and a statement necklace to add a little pop of color! 
    I love how the dress is form fitting on top and the skirt flares out at the bottom, making this silhouette flattering on many body types! Since skater dresses have become super popular lately, it's extremely easy to get your hands on one! Try shopping at Forever 21, JCPenney or Target for one that's in your budget! 

Where my outfit is from: 
Dress- JCPenney
Sweater + Headband- Forever 21
Tights- Target 
Necklace + Shoes- Charlotte Russe

Valentine's Day Outfit!

New York Fashion Week!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

It's been a dream of mine to go to New York Fashion Week, so when it comes around I love looking at the runway shows to see what the upcoming season has in store for us fashionista's! Although the week isn't quite over, I thought I'd share my favorite show I've seen so far.
My absolute favorite has been Kate Spade. When I was looking at pictures of her collection I could see myself wearing almost everything from her collection.

The colors, cuts, lines, it's all so perfect! I love the romantic influence she has in her collection, it makes her line very feminine and elegant. Part of Kate Spade's collection is a little 1950's inspired, yet modern. With the A-line skirt and silhouette it resembles a take on Dior's "new look". An aspect of her line I really like is the contrast of pastels and bright colors. Spade, uses very soft pastel colors which I love! Using pastels this way is great for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall. The picture in the top right corner is a fabulous example of this! I love how she has the oversized coat paired with the light pink pants, it adds a fresh twist to fall garments! 
Kate Spade contrasted the soft pastel colors with bright popping colors like in the dress on the right and the cobalt blue in the outfit above. Using the pop of color technique is a great way to add a focal point in your outfit especially in the fall time because I'm pretty sure most people have a wardrobe full of neutrals when September comes around!
My absolute favorite look in this collection is the very first one. The hat reminds me of a hat you would find in the 1920's, the sparkles make it fun and unique, it seems like that style has been popular recently! My favorite aspect of this outfit is the skirt. I want one…more like need one!!! The floral print is so so pretty. Pairing oxfords and a long-sleeved shirt with the skirt makes it more wearable in the fall time and I could definitely see the skirt being worn in the spring time. 
Happy NYFW and who knows, maybe we'll get to own something from Kate Spade's collection one day!

*All pictures are from style.com 
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