Outfit of the Day: Spring Edition!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy first day of spring! I celebrated by getting my free Rita's ice. Spring makes me super happy because that means we have that perfect 70 degree weather, we're one step closer to summer and we can finally break out all our pretty dresses and sandals! Here's what I wore today! 

Peplum tank and cardigan- Forever 21
Jeans- Hollister
Shoes- JCPenney
Bow bracelet- Apple Grace Designs (go check her out, her jewelry is super cute!)
Flower bracelet- Charming Charlie 

Lilly Pulitzer Is Springing Into Target

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer is the newest designer to collaborate with the oh so popular discount retailer, Target and she's bringing her iconic prints with her starting April 19, 2015!

Lilly Pulitzer founded her brand in 1959 in Palm Beach Florida. Her line focus's on luxury resort wear that is most popular with 20-24 year olds. Lily Pulitzer is known for her vibrant prints that are seen throughout her clothing and accessories.
Target is notorious for collaborating with designers, to be honest, it's something I look forward to every year. Other collaborations include, Jason Wu, Missoni and Altuzarra. The prices for the Lilly Pulitzer line start as low as a shocking $2.00 and go up to $150.00. Seeing that Lilly Pulitzer's items usually range from $34.00 to $350.00, it's no surprise that someone would be excited for this collaboration.
Lilly Pulitzer's target market is mostly made up of college aged girls, which we know, don't have hundred's of dollars to spend on clothing and accessories. The Target collaboration might seem like a college girls dream come true, Lilly Pulitzer items at an attainable price! However, some people have been thinking otherwise.
The Lilly Pulitzer collaboration, along with others have gotten criticism that Target's collaborations reduce the exclusivity of the  brand. Have you ever had that proud moment when you save up for an item you've been wanting, like that desirable Kate Spade handbag (I'm still waiting to get my hands on it) and then it finally becomes yours? You feel like this handbag is extra special because you know not everyone will be walking the streets with it. Some people say that when the average consumer is able to obtain these designer brands through Target, this special feeling is taken away. Another criticism that has been known is the issue of quality. Due to the affordable prices, the quality of items are diminished. The lower price means lower quality stitching and fabrics that won't last as long.
Being a college student and having a pretty tight budget, I'm very excited for this collaboration! The affordable price is what most people are looking forward to. I definitly understand where people who aren't a fan of the collaboration are coming from. Of course, if I were a regular customer of Lilly Pulitzer I wouldn't be the biggest fan of this collaboration. Who would want to loose the exclusivity and special touch of their favorite brand?

What's your preference, are you for or against Target's infamous collaborations?

My Teen Vogue Fashion University Experience!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

This weekend was an absolute whirlwind.    I'm going to start off by just going through and explaining everything I did! 

Day 1:  Express Kick-Off Party

TVFU started with a party Friday night hosted at the Express location in Times Square! Between the enormous crowds of people, I was able to check out some of the activities they had. I got a flash tattoo, it's one of those temporary gold/silver tattoos that have become pretty popular. But let me tell ya, after taking 2 showers the tatto is still on, so I guess I'll be sporting it for a while. Teen Vogue had a flip book station set up that was super fun! You created a 7 second video and it was turned into a flip book, so cute! There was also an eyelash bar set up where you could get fake eyelashes, but I didn't get a chance to do that. 
The highlight of my night was meeting Elaine Welteroth, the Teen Vogue beauty and health director. She was super nice, stylish and when talking with her, she acted like she'd known you for years. It was great getting to meet so many talented girls with similar interests as me! 

Day 2: Seminar, Seminars, Seminars!

Saturday was a day full of learning from some of the best in the fashion industry! My morning started bright and early with my coffee and umbrella in hand heading over to the Conde Nast office at the World Trade Center.
 After going through security I made my way up to the 34th floor for our first speaker, Vashtie Kola. She is a director, filmmaker, designer and DJ, so basically she does it all! She told us about her journey starting from nothing to moving to NYC, working for Def Jam Records, creating her own line (including her own pair of Jordan's!!) and her most recent project, a collaboration with Puma! 

The second seminar I attended was Jens Grede, he's just one half of the duo that created the London based brand, Frame Denim. He shared with us his amazing insight on the business side of creating your own brand. He also shared his top 10 tips he learned from turning his brand global in just 3 short years! Jens touched on his celebrity experience with Karlie Kloss and how that has helped his brand.


The third seminar was the dean speaker for the design and styling major, Rebecca Minkoff! To be honest, before this weekend I've heard of her, but I wasn't super familiar with her work. After this weekend, she's definitely a designer I'm going to keep up with! Rebecca started off by telling us about how she moved to NYC at just 18 years old! She started her brand by reconstructing an I lover NYC tshirt and originally started as an accessories designer. She explained her inspiration for her famous morning after bag and gave her insight into finding patter makers and people to help develop your own brand. She also shares her knowledge on what to wear to internship/job interviews! She was one of my favorites of the day! 

After lunch, the seminars continued with Micaela Erlanger. She's a celebrity stylist most well known for working with Lupita Nyong'o and Jared Leto. I really enjoyed her talk! She talked about attending Parsons and her journey living in NYC and LA throughout her career. Micaela explained the differences between editorial styling, red carpet styling, film styling and advertising styling and her experience with all four kinds! She shared her insight on how to break into the world of styling and what we can do to help our careers, I found this extremely helpful! 

For the next seminar, we had the opportunity to listen to Jodie Snyder talk about how she developed her jewelry brand Dannijo. Her and her sister Danni created and design the brand, however Danni wasn't able to come speak.  Dannijo has lots of fun, unique pieces and they're known for their bib necklaces. She started out by talking about her background and how the brand was created. They started the brand in 2008 during the recession, which to my surprise turned out to be the perfect time for them! Jodie talked about what it was like to have her jewelry get picked up by Bergdorf Goodman and how BeyoncĂ© was one of the first celebrities to by the jewelry at Bergdorfs which really helped the brand gain popularity. She shares her tips for what she believes makes a good intern and that was very useful! 

The last seminar ended with the Teen Bogue editor panel. This was amazing! The panel was made up of Marina Larroude, the TV fashion director, Andrew Bevan, the style director for TV, Jessica Minkoff, the senior fashion market editor, Brandon Maxwell, a stylist who occasionally comes in and works with TF and last but not least, Amy Astley, the TV editor! 
All of the editors told us about their background and how they got to where they are today. It was really inspiring to hear how they all had to work their way up to the jobs they have now and it made me even more excited to move to NYC someday! They gave some of the best advice on breaking into the industry and what we can do to help our careers.

After all the seminars finished up there was a mix and mingle event where I had the opportunity to network with other students at TVFU and talk with some of the editors! I got the chance to meet Andrew Bevan here and he is awesome!! 

Day 3: Final Speaker and Graduation!

The day started an hour later this morning (extra hour of sleep. YES.)! We had our final speaker who was the insanely talented Zac Posen! He started by showing the video of his runway show for his most recent line for Fall 2015! Zac talked about his background and how he got into designing. Zac brought 2 gorgeous dresses with him! He showed us the construction of them and explained the importance of it. He also taught us about draping and how he drapes on a mannequin now instead of sketching since the shape and body of a garment is so important to him. Zac Posen was one of my favorite speakers from this weekend and he is honestly full of so much knowledge, he's fantastic! 

The weekend ended with everyone receiving a certificate for graduation! This weekend was everything I hoped for and so much more! I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend TVFU. It feels so weird talking about it in the past because I've been waiting for this for months! I was able to meet some new friends and learn from incredibly talented people in the fashion industry. This weekend made me want to dive deeper into fashion and do anything I can to make it work! 

Late Night Dreams

Sunday, March 8, 2015

It's going on 1:00 AM, I'm listening to my Ed Sheeran pandora station and I cannot stop thinking about my upcoming trip to New York City to attend Teen Vogue's Fashion University. In a matter of four short days, I'll be in one of my all time favorite places for one of the things I love most, fashion.
I should probably start of by explaining what Teen Vogue Fashion University is. Once a year, Teen Vogue puts together a weekend full of fashion events and seminars with some of the hottest people in fashion. To go to TVFU you have to apply and then anxiously wait for an acceptance letter. Back in 2012 I almost applied and by almost I mean I had half of the application filled out, but decided to wait. When the application came out this year, I jumped right into filling it out, hoping to snag what felt like, a once in a lifetime spot at TVFU. After filling out the application I didn't realize until a few weeks later that it never actually went through, so after a couple tries, I finally got my application to submit. All that was left was to patiently wait...

About a week later I received an email saying that I have been accepted to TVFU as a design and styling major. I COULD NOT believe that I would actually get the chance to attend TVFU, oh my gosh, so much excitement! This event always seemed like something I would read about on the Teen Vogue website and wish I could be there too, but now it was reality! The fashion industry is competitive and my dream of interning at Teen Vogue and dream job of being a fashion market editor doesn't make it much easier. Being accepted to Teen Vogue made me feel like I was one step closer to achieving my goals. I can't wait to share with you what this upcoming weekend brings!
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