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Who says pastels are just for spring?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hey everyone! Here's my outfit I wore from a few days ago. I just got around to posting it today, but I thought I would still share it since I really really liked it! When I wore this outfit it was the day that we got hit with a snowstorm. This outfit was super warm and comfy, perfect for the weather!

Whoever says you can't wear pastel colors in the winter is lying! Most people would usually wear pastels in the spring time, but I love them so much I wear them all year round. You can incorporate these colors into winter garments like I did with my sweater. You can layer a cardigan or blazer over your favorite pastel dress, that's also a great money saving tip! You don't have to buy all new dresses for the winter time, just layer!

 Wearing pastel colors in the colder months makes your outfit pop! If you don't want your main garments like your pants, dress or sweater to be pastel, lighten up your outfit with a pastel scarf, headband or various accessories. While everyone is wearing black and darker colors (don't get me wrong, I wear my fair share of black in the winter too) you can stand out by adding pastels to freshen up your outfit!

I'm wearing a super warm over sized cardigan from Forever 21 that I recently bought. My jogger pants are  from Forever 21 too. I love how comfortable these pants are, they're also really soft! The fabric on these pants is lighter, so I'll still be able to wear them in the spring time. They're perfect while we transition from winter to spring! 

Spring 2014 Wants!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hey everyone! I'm finally on spring break, but it doesn't feel like it at all! We got hit with the snowstorm today, so there is currently A LOT of snow outside and I'm not liking it one bit! I'm really excited for the spring fashion and warm weather (if it ever stops snowing) so I thought I would share with you some items I'll be keeping an eye out for this spring season! 

1. Sandals! These are a must have for me throughout the the spring and summer months, I'm constantly wearing them when it's nice outside. They're perfect because you can wear them casually or dress them up. I like them because they're a little more dressier than your basic flip-flops and I love wearing them with dresses! A pair of mine broke last summer so I'm hoping to find a cute pair I can pick up for this year! To find affordable sandals check out Target, Delias, Kmart and JCPenney!

2. White Shorts! These are a staple for everyone no matter what age you are! You can find them in various cuts and lengths so you're bound to find a pair that are perfect for you! I'm in need a new pair of white shorts that fit properly! I found a really great pair at American Eagle that fit extremely well, however, I thought $40.00 was a little pricey for a pair of shorts. I'm going to keep shopping around or wait until they have a sale. You can find less expensive shorts at Macy's, Delias (currently have a sale) or Charlotte Russe, you can find them pretty much anywhere!

3. Cross body bag! I want to get a more structured cross body bag because I like the clean put together look of it. I found this really cute one at Forever 21 for only $19.80, I'm not sure if I want the light brown or mint color though. I think they're perfect for when you're doing activities and you don't want to worry about carrying a purse on your shoulder the whole time. I mainly want to get one for my trip to Paris, but I think it'll come in good use at concerts and just everyday. 

4. Last but not least, hair accessories! I mainly want to get some more hair bows…you can't have too many hair bows! I wish I had one in every color to match my outfits. I've noticed flower crowns are becoming popular and I've seen a lot of them in stores recently, so I wouldn't mind adding one or two to my collection of hair accessories! I think both items are really cute ways to add a special touch to your hair! Check out Forever 21 for some really inexpensive bows and floral crowns. I got a hair bow from there and it was only $2.00 and works really well! 

What are some items on you're wish list for the upcoming spring/summer seasons? 

Oscars 2014!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I just finished watching the red carpet and there were so many gorgeous dresses! Here are my top 3 favorite ones that I saw tonight! 

Lupita Nyong'o! 


This Prada dress looks absolutely amazing on her! The soft, pale blue is definitely a go to color for her! This color makes her skin look radiant! The overall look is simple, but that's what I like about it. There's no need for extravagant hair, jewelry or make-up. The dress is feminine, elegant and eye-catching! I know Lupita Nyong'o is a newer actress and she has had some really amazing dresses this award season. I look forward to what she wears next time! 

Jennifer Lawrence 

Of course Jennifer Lawrence is one of my favorite looks from the night! She always seems to look stunning, which she does a again in this lovely Dior dress.  This dress flatters her figure beautifully! The peplum is the main focus, which really helps accentuate her hour glass figure! The color gives her skin a nice glow and complements her hair color nicely. Last year we saw Jennifer wear the backwards necklace and she did it again this year! I like this specific necklace style on her since her hair is so short and on this particular dress it's bare on top so the necklace adds a nice simple touch without taking your focus off the dress. 

Giuliana Rancic

I love love love this dress so much! It reminds me of the dress Taylor Swift wore on her Speak Now tour, which is probably why I love it so much! Giuliana Rancic wows us again in this Paolo Sebastian Couture dress. If I ever went on a red carpet, I definitely would wear this dress! The sparkly floral detailing on the top is gorgeous and I love the tulle skirt. The A-line silhouette looks lovely on her and I feel like this neckline makes her look taller because it adds focus to her collar bone area. 

Let me know in the comments what your favorite look of the night was! 
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