Back-to-School Outfit Look Book

Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer is just about over. I’m sorry. It’s time to revamp our closets, load up on new school supplies, and breakout our shiny new planner, so maybe I’m not sorry after all. Oh, I guess there’s that little thing called studying, we’ll see if that happens.

As we’re rolling into the last week of August, it’s crunch time when it comes to locking down our back-to-school essentials. While we’re stocking up on our school supplies and apartment items, we can’t forget about clothes! I’ve put together four outfits that I think would make great outfits for the start of school.

Outfit #1

This outfit is casual, cute, and comfy, so what more could you want? When the calendar hits September, I break out all of my burgundy clothing. I love wearing this color so much during the fall months.  Since my shirt is cropped, I figured I’d pair it with high-waisted denim shorts. To accessorize, I chose a long necklace to add a little extra color to my solid top. My white eyelit Keds are perfect for conquering a full day of class, and of course I had to add a headband. Don’t forget your backpack, school might be just a tad difficult without it.

Shirt: H&M
Shorts: JCPenney
Shoes: Keds
Necklace: JCPenney
Headband: Forever 21

Oufit #2

My next outfit is perfect for those days when you want to look a little dressy, but not over do it. I chose to wear a floral dress and I dressed is down with an army green jacket. Since I wanted to make this a casual look for school, I opted for my white Keds again—they’re just so comfy!  I paired this outfit with a simple gold and light pink necklace with an appearance from yet another headband (no surprise there)

Dress: Forever 21
Jacket: Macy’s
Shoes: Keds
Necklace: Forever 21
Headband: Forever 21

Outfit #3

 This outfit is school girl central. I’ve never been one to  wear jumpers/overall dresses before, but when I saw this on the mannequin at Primark, I loved it! I can’t wait to start styling this dress for fall, plus it’s burgundy, so it fits right in. I paired it with a short sleeve floral Tshirt, since it’s still warm out, but I think a lightweight sweater would look great once the temperature drops. I’m sure you are all exasperated to find that I chose my white Keds and a headband to accessorize.

Outfit #4

For my fourth and last back to school outfit, I decided to wear a pair of medium wash skinny jeans and paired them with a white and gold polka dot blouse. This outfit is perfect for those ladies who want to go for a casual put together look, but don’t want to wear a skirt or dress. For my shoes I chose my blush ballet flats and accessorized with a pearl headband.

Do you have your back to school outfit planned? Which outfit if your favorite? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me!  

Covergirl Clean Matte Makeup Review

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hello beautiful readers! Last week, I made my way over to Target (surprise, surprise) and I picked up Covergirl's newest collection: Clean Matte. The two piece collection is made up of a bb cream and powder.

After trying out the Maybelline Dream bb cream over a year ago--and wasn't a fan--I thought it was about time to give this makeup product another try. I didn't want to hand my wallet over to Sephora, so I figured I would see what the drugstore had to offer.

After a little research, I decided to try out Covergirl's Clean Matte  bb cream. This is an oil-free product that evens out your skin tone, hides blemishes, doesn't clog your pores and keeps your lovely skin shine-free all day long. Oh and you know what? It's suitable for sensitive skin (shoutout to all my sensitive skin girls out there. Yes!). In addition to these wonderful benefits, it only costs $6.99.

Covergirl is not lying one bit about these claims. This product is amazing! I was actually surprised I ended up loving it so much. Normally I'm not one to wear a foundation. Since I have sensitive skin, dealt with acne for a while and don't like the feeling of a heavy foundation on my face, I would just skip this step all together. Recently, I wanted a product that would even out my skin tone on days I felt like wearing a little extra makeup, but most importantly, I wanted to make sure I wouldn't breakout from it. As it turns out, this bb cream fulfilled all of my makeup hopes and wishes.

The bb cream felt so nice; it was like I wasn't wearing any makeup at all! I would describe it as a light-weight foundation. It kept me shine-free all day, which is pretty amazing, since I have slightly oily skin. And that claim about it evening out your skin tone? It does that in the most natural looking way possible. I give this product 10/10 stars, so basically go treat yourself and give it a try. 

The Clean Matte powder worked extremely well for me too. I was originally going to pick up the Covergirl sensitive skin powder that I usually use, but I think this product replaced it, so I bought this one instead. There is nothing to complain about here. It is your basic pressed powder, which leaves you with matte finish for a very long time. It looks like this little compact receives a 10/10 as well. 

What kind of a review would this be if I didn't show you the finished product? Here is the bb cream and powder, along with the rest of my eye makeup and lipstick for the day. 

You should all run to Target right now and buy this bb cream and powder. I absolutely love these two products! They're an amazing quality for an even better price. 

I want to hear from you! If you have any questions, or try out either of these two products, tweet me or comment below. Have a lovely day! 

July Favorites

Saturday, August 6, 2016

It's here....My second video! Here is my July favorites video, where I show you my favorite fashion, beauty and miscellaneous items from the month go July--pretty self explanatory, right? This post is extra exciting too because it is my 100th post on TinyTrendsetter!

I hope you enjoy! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite fashion and beauty products were from July. 

Summer Lookbook

Thursday, August 4, 2016

You know what? Just because August has arrived, doesn't mean we have to go straight into back-to-school mode. We practically have almost one month left, so let's not rush our precious sunny, homework-free days just yet.

Below you'll find a lookbook of four of my favorite outfits I've been loving this summer. These my go to looks that are super easy to throw on, yet still look put together.

Shirt: TJ Maxx
Skirt: Forever 21
Sandals: Kmart
Headband: Forever 21

Romper: Von Maur (brand is Everly)
Bracelet: Apple Grace Designs (in NYC)
Purse: Kate Spade
Bralette: Aerie 
Shoes: Keds

Cami: JCPenney 
Bralette: Aerie
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Marshall's
Headband: Forever 21

Dress: American Eagle
Tank Top: Forever 21
Shoes: Macy's 

I definitely have been loving rompers, dresses and skirts. I live in the during the summer, and personally, I prefer either of those three options over shorts and pants any day. 

What are some of your favorite clothing items you've been wearing this summer? Let me know in the comments! 

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