Brandon Maxwell Spring 2018 Runway Review

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Back in 2015 when I participated in Teen Vogue's Fashion University, I had the pleasure of meeting Brandon Maxwell. The stylist turned designer launched his first luxury ready-to-wear collection at New York Fashion Week in 2015. It's crazy to think Maxwell's extremely successful line was just in the works when I attended his panel at TVFU.

With the showing of the New York produced collection, it's evident why Maxwell's brand has been so successful season after season. His secret? He makes women feel powerful and beautiful with timeless garments that are extremely flattering for the body. Maxwell truly has his whole heart into this collection, "In the past six months, I've enjoyed my life for the first time as an adult," Maxwell told Vogue Runway.

Maxwell is known for his women's evening ready-to-wear garments. However, this season, more casual and cocktail wear dresses made their way down the runway.

The show opened as Gigi Hadid sported cropped denim pants with a red halter top and light pink blazer. This look embodied Maxwell's goal in a casual way, and this wasn't the only look to do so. Metallic finished cropped jeans with a white button down shirt immediately grabbed my attention. I know, this outfit may sound a little boring, but it definitely isn't one bit. The button down shirt was complete with a train, which added a feminine flair. With an emphasized waist and balance between the cropped jeans and train, this look is very flattering for women.

Color was a running theme throughout the casual looks and evening wear. From light pinks and bold reds, to sunshine yellow and cobalt blue, it's no secret that there will be lots and lots of color this spring. And, remember millennial pink that slammed stores every wear this past spring? It's definitely here to stay. 

Maxwell offered options for every women. Brocade pant suits, low-cut hip hugging dresses, and short cocktail dresses were just some of the styles that paraded down the runway. "I wanted to give something that our customer could wear to work, or to her friend's house on the weekend," Maxwell revealed to Vogue Runway.

Since Maxwell's roots are in evening wear, Karlie Kloss closed out the show in a long-sleeved angora sweater and brocade ball-skirt. The monochromatic cream look is one fit for a princess.

In an effort to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, Maxwell auctioned off two tickets for his show, where 100 percent of the proceeds were donated to the cause.

*Photos courtesy of Vogue Runway

Go, Live Your Dream: A Little Disney Update

Friday, September 8, 2017

It's so hard to put into words what I have experienced these past 3 weeks. Deciding to move down to Florida and participate in the Disney College Program has truly been one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I know I haven't been living here for very long, so it probably sounds like I'm jumping to conclusions, but I truly mean it! Anyway, I'm writing this to give you a little update about what exactly I've been doing at Disney.

I'm working here in the Happiest Place on Earth as a Merchandise Cast Member at Disney Springs. I'll admit, I was a little bummed when I found out I wouldn't be in any of the 4 main parks, but I'm loving my location so far! I get to do everything that's included in merchandise: engraving, ear hat stitching, and dessert decorating--I'd say I lucked out. Plus, it's pretty amazing knowing that I help create magical memories for guests that they'll remember forever!

One of the most exciting things I've learned at work so far is making the Mickey and Minnie apples. It's actually really fun to make, and it's so special seeing how excited people get to buy treats that you made!

In addition to my job, I've met so many incredible people from all over the world. Everyone is so kind, and I honestly had no idea it'd be so easy to make friends around here. I'm living with 7 roommates, I know, that's a lot of people, but our apartment is big and we all get a long great, so I really can't complain.

Even though I'm working a lot down in Florida, I make sure to go to the parks on my days off. I feel so lucky that I can hop around to any of the 4 parks--talk about a dream come true. I'd have to say my favorite memory so far is the night from the picture above:

My friends and I decided to go to the Magic Kingdom to watch Happily Ever After as a celebration for our first official day as WDW Cast Members. We watched the show, ate yummy treats at the Confectionary, got a few fast passes for rides, and were able to see Cinderella's castle lit up without anyone in front of it. Oh, and about that yummy treat, the M&M covered rice krispie treats are THE BEST. It was such a perfect night. 

I'm really excited to see what's in store for the rest of my program, and I'll keep you updated about my adventures around Disney. 

Below I included some of my favorite pictures I've taken so far!

How To Dress For Any Summer Wedding

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Summer: The season of weddings. With warm weather, sunny skies, and flowers in full bloom, who wouldn't want to have their wedding in the summertime? I'm sure many of us can agree, it can be difficult to decide what to wear to the special ceremony. Oh and trying to figure out: Can you really wear black to a summer wedding?

Whether you're attending a wedding right in your hometown, or an outdoor or destination one, below you'll find ideas to help you decide how you should really dress for the magical occasion.

When going to an outdoor wedding, I feel like this is your chance to pull off a little more casual of an outfit than you normally would wear to a wedding. Definitely still go for a dress, you can opt for one that isn't quite as formal. Hey, this may be in your favor if you're not a huge fan of dressing up. 

Maxi dresses are a great option for this type of wedding. When picking a dress, make sure to stay away from black for the summer weddings. Choose a color or pattern instead. I love how this dress has a floral print that feels very summery and has a trendy element with the off-the-shoulder neckline, yet it is still modest and appropriate for a wedding. Plus, it's very lightweight--perfect for those hot summer days. 

You can never go wrong with classic accessories, so I chose a nude heel, clutch, and earrings, which all coordinate nicely with the dress. 

Just like the women, men can be a little more casual when it comes to an outdoor wedding in the summertime. However, a suit would still be required. Choose a crisp white one with a patterned shirt instead. Oh, and you can leave the tie at home unless the dress code says black tie or semi-formal. 

When attending a wedding in your hometown, it may not be at a church, but there is a good chance it could be, so I'm going to focus this outfit around a classic wedding ceremony at a church. 

In this setting, it's better to be a little more dressed up or modest than you're used to. I mean, you can never go wrong with an A-line silhouette dress like the one above. I chose this dress because it's not too short or too low cut.  It's a great feminine look that is 100 percent wedding appropriate in any church. Plus, the pattern is so fun for summer! 

I accessorized with classic white pumps, pearl earrings, and a light sea foam green clutch. 

When it comes to  men choosing what to wear to a wedding, sadly there aren't quite as many options as there are for all of the women out there. When attending a wedding at a church, chances are the men will have a black tie dress code, which would be your standard suit and tie. In the summertime, feel free to wear a lighter color like gray. Add some color to the look with a brightly colored tie, which is perfect for the season. 
Planning what to wear to a destination wedding can be very tricky. Honestly, it really depends where the wedding is. The wedding could be anywhere from a beach or European city, to the green hills of Ireland. I feel like a majority of the time, a destination wedding ends up being at a beach, but you never really know until you have that shiny invite in your hands. 

I chose this pale blue dress that can easily be dressed up or down depending on the location. I love how the statement sleeves bring in a trendy touch. I'll admit, the dress is a bit plain, so I added a colorful layered necklace and pops of pink with the clutch and heels. 
Since destination weddings can be tricky depending on the location, you can never go wrong with a formal suit and tie. Choose a navy or gray suit since it isn't as dark as black, a button up shirt, and a colored or patterned tie, then you'll be good to go! 

What would you wear to these types of weddings? Let me know in the comments below! 

Fresh Summer Makeup Look

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Towards the end of May / beginning of June I got some new makeup! Playing around with new products is always so much fun, so I was extremely excited to try out the makeup.

While a bold red or hot pink lip is always fun, I love creating natural makeup looks that can easily be worn day or night. And what better time to do this than summer? My goal was to create glowing skin with an eye and lip that was flattering for my features. Oh, and I wanted to add a little more definition to my eyes than normal.

Here is the look below!

There's no need to keep you waiting, let's get into the tutorial!

1. Start by applying any light-medium coverage foundation / BB cream. I used CoverGirl's Clean Matte BB Cream.

2. Apply cover up under your eyes, on any blemishes, and on your eyelids as a primer. My favorite is Maybelline's FitMe concealer. Its very affordable, lasts all day, and offers fantastic coverage!

3. Next, powder your entire face with any loose or pressed powder. Pressed powders are my favorite; they're practically mess free. My go-to is CoverGirl's Clean Matte Compact.

4. Blush has been my latest makeup obsession. I applied a mixture of a pink and peach blush from Woosh Beauty's medium-light Fold Out Face palette to the apples of my cheek.

5. Last but not least: Highlight! I applied a shimmery pink-toned highlight from the same Woosh Beauty palette. Since I have cool-toned skin, this highlight is a lot more flattering on me, rather than a gold one. Apply the highlight on the high point of your cheek bone, cupids bow, and brow bone.

1. Apply a light shimmery copper shade all over your lid. I used the same Fold Out Face palette.

2. Using the L'Oreal Nude 1 palette, I applied a deeper copper/light brown matte shade in my crease to add depth.

3. To add depth to the look I applied a dark shimmery brown shade from the same Fold Out Face palette as before.

4. To line my eyes, I skipped eyeliner and used eyeshadow for this. I took the matte black shade from my Fold Out Face palette with a liner brush and applied that on my top eyelid. Any matte black shadow will work for this!

5. Last but not least I finished off the eyes with mascara. Lately I've been loving Woosh Beauty's mascara.

1. Pink it my absolute favorite lip color to wear. I used N.Y.X Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Milan and applied that all over my lips.

2. This summer I've been loving a glossy lip. To add some shine, I applied Woosh Beauty's lip gloss in the shade Pink Natural.

There you have it; one of my favorite summer looks I've been loving! If you try out this look tweet me a picture @CaitlinRedd13

How To Create the Perfect Day to Night Look With AUrate

Monday, July 10, 2017

We've all been there. You're spending the day at work or shuffling between classes throughout the day, and then you have to rush off to an event or dinner at night.  Having a day to night look that's quick and easy to change into it a must for any girl boss.

Below is an outfit that I would wear during the day.
Jewelry and shoes are two of the best ways to transition any outfit from a daytime look into a look that's ready for a night on the town. 

AUrate, a New York based handmade jewelry company has amazing pieces to do just that! I love the simplicity of their asymmetrical pearl earrings. I love how the pearl falls behind the earlobe rather than in front like most pearl earrings. It's unexpected, and well, a unique twist on a classic piece. The asymmetrical pearl collar is such an incredible piece. I love how unique it is, I've honestly never seen a necklace like this before. 

I really love how this brand strives to make a positive social impact in the world; I believe that's an amazing thing to do! AUrate sources all of their material ethically, and with each jewelry purchase, the brand gives back to economically disadvantaged schoolchildren through the "Book for a Look" program. 

For the rest of the look, I paired the skirt and off-the-shoulder top with a denim jacket to keep the outfit more casual and finished it off with white sandals. 
When switching to the night look, I kept everything the same, except I switched out some accessories to add a bit of glamour. I have to admit, I definitely feel like I can conquer anything when I'm wearing a good pair of heels. Oh, and I ditched the denim jacket, so the outfit felt less casual.

For jewelry, I kept the necklace the same. Another great thing about the collar necklace: it is delicate enough to wear during the day, yet it adds just enough sparkle to complete a night look. I swapped out the earrings with AUrate's circle earrings. There's just something about wearing statement earrings at night that can bring any outfit up a notch. 

It's really neat how changing a few simple things, like jewelry and shoes, can transform an outfit. It's extremely easy and quick to do, so who wouldn't love these tricks?

How do you like to transform your look from day to night? Let me know in the comments below!

California Dreaming in White

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy First Day of Sumer friends! With every new season comes a new trend or clothing item I can't get enough of. And this season, it's this white dress I recently bought from the Beauty and the Beast collection at JC Penney.

When I went shopping, I saw this dress on the rack and immediately fell in love. The dress was on sale, but it was still a bit pricey, so I figured I'd wait to see if it went on sale. I ended up going online and there was an additional discount plus free shipping--that's a win-win if I ever heard one--so of course I ordered it.  

My dress arrived the day before I left for my trip to Los Angeles, so the timing couldn't have been any better. I'm so happy it came before my trip. I have to admit, having a new outfit to wear on vacation is a pretty great feeling. 

In the summertime, you can never go wrong with a trustee white dress. As ironic as it sounds, white is such a popular color right now. If you're unsure what to wear, put on a monochromatic white ensemble and you'll be good to good! Plus, a white dress matches everything, so what's not to love about that. 

My absolute favorite part of this dress is the detailing. The lace on the bodice and the ruffled tulle skirt makes the piece feel so much more unique; I LOVE it so much. The neckline is one of my favorite parts too. I'm used to having a scoop or v-neck on my dresses, so having a higher neckline is a nice switch. 

To complete my look, I paired this dress with my gold sandals. I kept the rest simple. I didn't want to go overboard with accessories because I really wanted to make sure all focus was on my dress. Hey, too much of one thing is never good anyway. 

I can't wait to wear this dress even more the summer. Do you have any certain clothing items that you'll be wearing a lot this season? Let me know in the comments below! 

Spring Favorites 2017

Monday, June 19, 2017

With season comes a new handful of beauty products I use, clothing and accessories I wear, and  songs I listen to over and over again. I decided to witch this up a little bit and give you my favorites from this past season instead of each month.

To tell you the truth, some months there are 10 new items I want to share, and other months there might only be three new products, but it's always fun to let you know what I've been liking. I thought, doing one or two seasonal favorites posts will give me time to accumulate enough products to share. Plus, I love reading--or watching YouTube videos--about what products my favorite bloggers / vloggers have been loving too. I mean, it's basically one giant virtual show-and-tell, right?

Micellar water is absolutely fantastic. If you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it. Micellar water is a gentle way to remove all you makeup while delicately cleansing your skin. Yes, every last spec of your water-proof mascara included. I love Simple's version of this product because it leaves my skin feeling super soft and it doesn't hurt my eyes.  

I love this mascara so so so much. You know that clump-free mascara that somehow manages to still be clumpy. Well, this mascara is 100% clump-free, trust me. When I take the wand out of the tube, I can tell there isn't an excess of product like there is on many other mascara wands. To top it off, the want can be twisted to give you maximum volume and curl to your lashes. I've been loyal to my L'Oral Butterfly mascara for quite sometime, but I may have found a new favorite. 

One of Bath and Body Works' newest scents, Le Fleur has been my go-to this spring. It smells like flowers. literally. I know, that may be a tad vague, but it just smells so pretty. If you're into floral scents, or want to smell like you're walking fresh cut flowers, then I highly recommend this scent!

About two months ago I reviewed this product on my blog earlier, so if you're interested in buying this little lippie, check it out here! Anyway, I recently rediscovered my love for Baby Lips, and tinted lip balms in general, but I love how this balm brings out the natural pink tint in your lips. This is PERFECT for an everyday look. 

I have really been into a glossy lip for this past spring and soon-to-be summer! But, I hate how sticky a lot of glosses are, which is why I love this one so much. The is no stickiness.  Nope. Not one bit. The gloss easily glides on and provides a nice tint of color; my favorite is the pink natural one. Plus, it feels really nice on your lips! I love layering this over my Revlon HD Lipstick in the shade "Rose."

Mickey Mouse Necklace
The necklace pictured above isn't my exact necklace, but it's the closest I could find online. My mom recently found a Mickey Mouse charm from our family trip to Disney World 11 years ago. Can you believe that, 11 years?! Well, I don't wear my charm bracelet anymore, so I bought an inexpensive necklace from H&M and swapped the charm with my Mickey one. I wear this necklace so much, so I'm sure it'll make many appearances on my blog. 

I know you've seen the classic black and white pair I own pop up on my blog, but when I saw the same sneaker in pink, I knew I had to add it to my wardrobe. I love the pink and white combo, and these match a lot of outfits I love to wear. Oh, and this time my size was in stock, so they fit absolutely perfectly! 

I LOVE this dress. It's from the Beauty and the Beast collection at JCPenney. I saw this in stores, but it ended up being cheaper online (the beauty online shopping, am I right?) The lace and detailing on this dress is extremely pretty, and I love the ruffles too. I have a feeling this will be one of my most worn dresses this summer. Look forward to a post all about this dress coming very very soon. 

As part of the Minnie Mouse "Rock the Dots" celebration, Olympia Le-Tan teamed up with UNIQLO to bring a Minnie Mouse collection to the stores. Priced at just $14.90 the shirts are very affordable. I recently wore this on a trip to Disneyland. I love the embroidered sayings, and look how cute Minnie Mouse is on it! I can't forget to mention, this shirt is extremely soft too. 

If you haven't noticed yet, I've been loving fashionable sneakers this season. Maybe it's because I lived in New York this past year, but they're just so comfortable! I also have a slight obsession with blush colored things, so these sneakers were a no brainer purchase when I saw them. They go so well with my wardrobe, I love them! 

Arrow Necklace
Like the Mickey necklace, the one pictured above isn't the exact one, but it's similar! I got this as a graduation gift from my sister, and honestly, I have no idea where it's from. Much like the color blush, I'm a little obsessed with anything rose gold. I've only had it about a month, but I can tell this piece of jewelry is going to get so much use. 

Comment below what some your favorite fashion and beauty products, and music were this past spring, I'd love to hear other people were into! 

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