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Thursday, May 25, 2017

It's official. I graduated college! I still can't believe this chapter of my life has come to an end, but I'm  super excited for my next adventure.....Disney World!

In just under three months, I'll be moving to The Happiest Place on Earth to participate in the Disney College Program. I posted my DCP bucket list a while ago, and now that it's summer break, I'll be posting a lot more posts--both Disney and fashion / beauty related. 

Below is the DCP tag. This is a thread of questions many bloggers and vloggers answer to let more people know about the program and get to know other Cast Members. 

1. How did you hear about the program?
I saw a lot of friends from high school post about doing the program, so I looked up more information about it and it sounded like a really neat experience. Since I did a visiting student program at FIT, I couldn't do the DCP while I was actually in college. Since it Fall 2017 was my last chance to do the program, I figured I'd apply. I mean, why not?

2. How was the interview process?
The interview process was extremely quick! It was so  much faster than I was expecting. Here's a quick breakdown:

I filled out the initial application on Valentine's Day, and then about five minutes later, I received an email to take a web based interview. I took the WBI February 15. This interview asks generic questions and statements like, "I am always on time" and "All people are dishonest." For each statement you choose either, strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, or strongly disagree. After answering a series of these statements, you find out right away if you move on in the interview process.

If you are able to move on, then you will be told you can schedule a phone interview. My phone interview was on February 23. Some of the questions I was asked were about my past work experience, why I wanted to work for the Walt Disney Company, and why I felt the roles I selected were a good fit for me. If you want a more in-depth blog post about my DCP interview, I can definitely do one!

I felt pretty good about my phone interview, so all that was left was the anxious waiting, waiting, oh and more waiting. 

I'll admit, I checked my dashboard at least twice everyday between my PI and the day I was accepted. On May 1, I found out I was accepted. I was expecting to have to wait months, but it just took 6 days! 

Overall, I was extremely happy with how quick and efficient the entire process was.

3. Where were you when you found out you were accepted?
I was actually at my internship. I checked my email, and when that "Congratulations!" email popped up from Disney Recruiting I couldn't believe it! 

4. What is your role? Preferred roles?
My role is Merchandise! When I applied I only put interest in three roles: Bibiddi Bobbidi Boutique, Merchandise, and Costuming. I'm really happy I was placed in Merchandise. I worked in retail all throughout high school and college, so I'm comfortable with that aspect. I can't wait to begin this role in my favorite place! 

5. How did you find your roommates? How many do you want?
I found my roommates on the DCP Facebook group. I found some girls to room with who all seem really awesome! Originally I wanted 3 other roommates, but I'm actually living with 5 other girls. I figured it would be a great way to meet more people. 

6. What are you going to miss while in the program?
My friends and family, but thank goodness for FaceTime. My family and a few of my friends are planning on visiting, which will be SO great!

7. What is your favorite Disney park?
Magic Kingdom hands down. I LOVE classic Disney and the Princesses. Plus, who doesn't love that view of Cinderella's Castle when you're walking down Mainstreet USA. 

8. First thing you want to do when you get there?
Meet my roommates! 

9. What is #1 on your bucket list?
There's so many things to choose from, but I'd probably say go to all four parks in one day. 

10. One thing you hope to take away from the program?
This is a hard one. But I'm going to say that I hope to make incredible friends and honestly, just learn more and grow through my job. Okay I cheated, that's two things. 

As August 14 gets closer and closer, I can't wait to have more DCP posts. What would you want to hear about? Let me know in the comments below. 

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