Spring Favorites 2017

Monday, June 19, 2017

With season comes a new handful of beauty products I use, clothing and accessories I wear, and  songs I listen to over and over again. I decided to witch this up a little bit and give you my favorites from this past season instead of each month.

To tell you the truth, some months there are 10 new items I want to share, and other months there might only be three new products, but it's always fun to let you know what I've been liking. I thought, doing one or two seasonal favorites posts will give me time to accumulate enough products to share. Plus, I love reading--or watching YouTube videos--about what products my favorite bloggers / vloggers have been loving too. I mean, it's basically one giant virtual show-and-tell, right?

Micellar water is absolutely fantastic. If you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it. Micellar water is a gentle way to remove all you makeup while delicately cleansing your skin. Yes, every last spec of your water-proof mascara included. I love Simple's version of this product because it leaves my skin feeling super soft and it doesn't hurt my eyes.  

I love this mascara so so so much. You know that clump-free mascara that somehow manages to still be clumpy. Well, this mascara is 100% clump-free, trust me. When I take the wand out of the tube, I can tell there isn't an excess of product like there is on many other mascara wands. To top it off, the want can be twisted to give you maximum volume and curl to your lashes. I've been loyal to my L'Oral Butterfly mascara for quite sometime, but I may have found a new favorite. 

One of Bath and Body Works' newest scents, Le Fleur has been my go-to this spring. It smells like flowers. literally. I know, that may be a tad vague, but it just smells so pretty. If you're into floral scents, or want to smell like you're walking fresh cut flowers, then I highly recommend this scent!

About two months ago I reviewed this product on my blog earlier, so if you're interested in buying this little lippie, check it out here! Anyway, I recently rediscovered my love for Baby Lips, and tinted lip balms in general, but I love how this balm brings out the natural pink tint in your lips. This is PERFECT for an everyday look. 

I have really been into a glossy lip for this past spring and soon-to-be summer! But, I hate how sticky a lot of glosses are, which is why I love this one so much. The is no stickiness.  Nope. Not one bit. The gloss easily glides on and provides a nice tint of color; my favorite is the pink natural one. Plus, it feels really nice on your lips! I love layering this over my Revlon HD Lipstick in the shade "Rose."

Mickey Mouse Necklace
The necklace pictured above isn't my exact necklace, but it's the closest I could find online. My mom recently found a Mickey Mouse charm from our family trip to Disney World 11 years ago. Can you believe that, 11 years?! Well, I don't wear my charm bracelet anymore, so I bought an inexpensive necklace from H&M and swapped the charm with my Mickey one. I wear this necklace so much, so I'm sure it'll make many appearances on my blog. 

I know you've seen the classic black and white pair I own pop up on my blog, but when I saw the same sneaker in pink, I knew I had to add it to my wardrobe. I love the pink and white combo, and these match a lot of outfits I love to wear. Oh, and this time my size was in stock, so they fit absolutely perfectly! 

I LOVE this dress. It's from the Beauty and the Beast collection at JCPenney. I saw this in stores, but it ended up being cheaper online (the beauty online shopping, am I right?) The lace and detailing on this dress is extremely pretty, and I love the ruffles too. I have a feeling this will be one of my most worn dresses this summer. Look forward to a post all about this dress coming very very soon. 

As part of the Minnie Mouse "Rock the Dots" celebration, Olympia Le-Tan teamed up with UNIQLO to bring a Minnie Mouse collection to the stores. Priced at just $14.90 the shirts are very affordable. I recently wore this on a trip to Disneyland. I love the embroidered sayings, and look how cute Minnie Mouse is on it! I can't forget to mention, this shirt is extremely soft too. 

If you haven't noticed yet, I've been loving fashionable sneakers this season. Maybe it's because I lived in New York this past year, but they're just so comfortable! I also have a slight obsession with blush colored things, so these sneakers were a no brainer purchase when I saw them. They go so well with my wardrobe, I love them! 

Arrow Necklace
Like the Mickey necklace, the one pictured above isn't the exact one, but it's similar! I got this as a graduation gift from my sister, and honestly, I have no idea where it's from. Much like the color blush, I'm a little obsessed with anything rose gold. I've only had it about a month, but I can tell this piece of jewelry is going to get so much use. 

Comment below what some your favorite fashion and beauty products, and music were this past spring, I'd love to hear other people were into! 


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